AMBASSADOR SUITE HOTEL your destination for a holiday dedicated to eco-sustainability

We are in Garda Trentino, an area surrounded by nature, the lake and the mountains, and which makes natural beauties its strong point. Living in this reality, it is not possible to think of offering a holiday without considering the green aspect. For this reason we offer you to spend an ecological holiday with us, in the name of respect for nature.

For years we have been committed to sustainability and renewable energies. In fact, we have implemented various interventions for the production and recovery of electricity. In June 2018, in addition to the photovoltaic panels and the trivalent group for cooling and heating, an eco-generator group was added. This project was possible thanks to the co-financing of the European Union and the Autonomous Province of Trento within the scope of the operational program ERDF 2014-2020 aiming at  energy efficiency and renewable energy. (See the certificate)

We have also decided to join the Ecolabel, the European environmental certification mark that helps you identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. This t was introduced 1992 by a Regulation of the European Parliament (see official page). The obtaining of the brand constitutes a certificate of excellence that is issued only to those products / services that have a reduced environmental impact, therefore it is a source of pride for us to constantly strive to be part of it.

Here is what we have done so far:

– Energy production with photovoltaic panels

– Hot / cold energy group with energy recovery and geothermics

– Energy efficiency with eco-generator group (See the certificate)

– Installation of sensors to avoid wasting light and temperature in rooms

– 98% of low consumption lighting

– Use of dispensers instead of single-dose products

– E-bike charging station

– Use of 0 km products

– Separate collection in processes

AMBASSADOR SUITE HOTEL invites you to spend a relaxing eco-friendly holiday and to contribute to this adopting some  best practices:

• switching off the lights when not necessary (in particular when you leave the room);

• diminishing water consumption (e.g. closing the tap by brushing your teeth);

• using the appropriate bins placed in the toilets for the collection of non-recyclable waste and for nappies rather than throwing them in the WC;

• informing our staff if you notice any water leaks;

• making the separate collection; glass, paper, aluminium, iron, and plastic in the recycling area by the car park, special waste (e.g. batteries and drugs) are collected at the reception;

• keeping the environment clean throwing garbage in the different waste containers;

• according to Italian law it is forbidden to smoke in all public areas and in the rooms, we please ask you to smoke just on the balconies and in the outdoor spaces;

• to reduce the environmental impact we remind you that the change of bed-linen in the rooms will occur twice a week (three times a week on request) and towels will be changed on request (as described in the notice you find in the bathrooms);

• bikes are at your disposal to allow a reduced use of cars (on request at the reception);


Official Ecolabel site