Family holidays at Lake Garda

Family holidays at Lake Garda

Lago di Garda in famiglia

Run, run, run and then? Finally, HOLIDAY begins! It seems like a mirage to you but the holidays are around the corner and the whole family is ready to leave to enjoy a bit of serenity, relaxation and lots of fun.

Family holidays, as you know, are really the most beautiful. The daily commitments often do not leave us time to spend pleasant moments with the people we love most.

And also the choice of the place where to spend the holidays all together, is really important. The needs are many: the wife may want to combine the relaxation of the beach to shopping, her husband is dedicated to sports with younger children and maybe teenagers dream of cycling or adventure parks.

Whatever the tastes of the family, the holidays together have another “taste” on Lake Garda!

The many different resorts on Lake Garda all have something special to offer every single member of the family.

Around the largest lake in Italy, you can find amusement parks, woods, nature parks, beach activities for children and many other possibilities at any time of year.

Of course, the ideal destination for families is Lake Garda on the north side, the one in the province of Trento, with its mountains, its enchanting views (which will leave the little ones speechless), the many services designed specifically for the needs of all members of the family.

So why not choose a holiday tailored to the needs of children at 360 degrees?

Guided tours to discover the area, places to explore, events, educational farms to feel the mantle of a donkey or see how lush vegetables grow. There are many tours for families sewn on the needs of adults and children.

Whatever activity you choose to undertake with your family together, Lake Garda will welcome you and make you spend unforgettable moments.

Certainly one of the fundamental aspects for a family holiday on Lake Garda is the choice of accommodation: it must be perfect for everyone and it is not always easy to satisfy and satisfy the needs of all members of the family. If you are passionate about biking, how not to choose a structure with bike storage, if your children love the water, impossible not to book a structure with swimming pool and close to the beaches. If your children love adventure parks and amusement parks, well you should definitely choose a structure that offers packages that include access for the whole family to one of them of your choice.

Does such a property exist? The answer is yes. And it’s called Ambassador Suite Hotel, a three-star hotel with swimming pool in Riva del Garda with a welcoming and green space for relaxation, rooms with all the comforts, bike storage, ample parking to “forget” the car and live your holiday on foot or by bike. And, an exclusive Family Package for you at a special price and an entrance for all to one of the most famous amusement parks in the area of your choice. From Gardaland to Movieland, emotions are… thrilling!

Is the family ready to leave? Three, two, one, book now!

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