Lake Garda Trentino with its Mediterranean climate and the sun kissing it many days a year, is fully a safe and healthy destination. After all, even in the past its reputation of Kurort made it famous both throughout the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire and in the neighbouring Kingdom of Italy.

Now as then, we want to protect and make all our guests feel “at home ” and, from this year, with a little extra attention to live your holidays in peace.

For this reason we have organized the Ambassador Suite Hotel to welcome you in safety and serenity but with the same warm hospitality.

We please ask you to collaborate by promptly informing the reception about cases of malaise.


To speed up check-in operations we invite you to tell us in advance the personal data filling in this link.


The buffet breakfast will be guaranteed: you will be able to help yourself using the mask and the grippers at disposal. For a better organisation the breakfast time must be booked and you will enjoy it in breakfast room, garden or your room.


Rooms will be sanitized at every departure with the ozonator machine. Please inform us if you want your room not to be cleaned during your stay.

We ask you to leave windows open at checkout.

Garden and pool

Before entering the pool area it is necessary to register at the reception.

Tables, chairs and sunbeds cannot be moved, we sanitize them regularly by marking with a green sign. We recommend taking a shower with soap before entering the pool and rinsing yourself at the exit.

Remember to enforce the interpersonal distance of 1,5 meters also in water.


Visit the website devoted to Lake Garda Trentino to better enjoy your holiday on the lake.