Proposal "Discover Lake Garda by walking"

Proposal "Discover Lake Garda by walking"

Walking in September between two seasons, summer and autumn, is the right opportunity to enjoy nature, before the winter break and at the same time to take advantage of the last rays of summer sun.

Being in the open air as much as you can seems almost imperative during a holiday in Riva del Garda and what outdoor activity is more suitable than trekking to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Lake Garda?

In order to arouse your curiositt you we suggest  5 routes that you cannot miss during a trekking holiday on Lake Garda

1. Ponale path in Riva del Garda

2. Busatte-Tempesta path

3. San Pietro – Monte Calino

4. Marocche – The Valleys of the Moon

5. The Forts of Monte Brione

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