The Ponale trail, the most loved one in Europe

The Ponale trail, the most loved one in Europe

Ponale. A breath-taking route from Lake Garda to Lake Ledro. During this trail, hundreds of tourists can discover pieces of our history and fall in love with this route year after year.

The Ponale Trail offers an amazing view over Lake Garda. Why don’t you wear your trekking shoes or jump on your mountain bike and live such a fabulous experience? This bikeway is open to pedestrians too and is one of the dearest attractions of Garda Trentino in spring and autumn too.

A trail full of history

The Ponale Trail is not just panoramic route over the blue Lake Garda. This road is a jewel of history. They began to build it in 1847 and was immediately clear it was a masterpiece of engineering. Along the slope, embrasures, Austro-Hungarian tunnels and defensive walls they used first to prevent the descent of Garibaldian troops towards Valle di Ledro, then to defend the Austro-Hungarian border with Italy, before the outbreak of the World War I.

Ponale Trail… love at first sight!

If you are a mountain-biking or a hiking lover you will love this trail.

Walk for 15 minutes from Ambassador Suite Hotel of Riva del Garda to the beginning of the trail. While walking or cycling, the stunning view will greatly pay back all your efforts; the cobalt blue lake, the shining green mountains and the white rocks will leave you speechless.

Once got to the waterfall of Ponale and to the Belvedere, you can have an espresso, rest a bit then decide your next destination; Val di Ledro or back to Riva? It’s up to you.

When you are back to our hotel, dive into the swimming pool, have a drink at our café or read the book you began to read at home… here, in the wide garden of Ambassador Suite Hotel your reading is something completely different.

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