Top 5 trekking routes at Lake Garda

Top 5 trekking routes at Lake Garda

Trekking is one of the most loved and practised outdoor sports at Lake Garda.

Treks and walks make your holiday different – they project you to a fantastic journey even before experiencing it… this is what makes you a real traveller! Easy or tough walks to unknown places and unforgettable landscapes. Are you ready?

At Lake Garda Trentino there are many trekking routes. We suggest you five but, to discover these five and all the others, you have to book your stay at Ambassador Suite Hotel in Riva del Garda, a real sport-friendly hotel!

1°: Ponale Trail (Riva del Garda): the Ponale Trail stars from the hydroelectric generating station of Riva del Garda, southwards. The most famous trail of Europe offering breath-taking views!

2°: Busatte-Tempesta (Torbole sul Garda): from the park of Busatte you can take the first steps of a thrilling trek! Almost 400 iron steps and a great view over Lake Garda.

3°: San Pietro- Monte Calino (Tenno): a round route offering delicious typical dishes at a mountain hut.

4°: Marocche- Le Valli della Luna: the biotope of “Marocche” is a deposit of rock material formed by the glaciations. On the road to Drena. Well, it looks like being on the moon!

Forts of Monte Brione (Riva del Garda): this path to Monte Brione is like a jump back to the past. You will see several Festung Abschnitt forts, some communication trenches, observation posts, foxholes and military roads. Remember that Monte Brione is a biotope with 500 different species of plants!


It is full of trekking paths to be discovered in the nearby of Riva del Garda! A “pair of trained legs” and a heart full of joy will do the rest.

After the effort? What about a swim in our outdoor swimming-pool? Or some rest in our wonderful garden, where you can read a book far from the city chaos. Anyway, if you want to reach the centre of Riva, you just need to walk 15 minutes from our hotel.

Book here and enjoy your dream vacation!

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