Unfortunately, not all the days of our vacation at the Hotel Ambassador were blessed with good weather. One day in particular was especially rainy, but despite this, we still managed to have fun.

After a delicious and abundant breakfast at our hotel with genuine and local products, we started with a visit to the Museo Alto Garda (MAG). The museum is located at the Rocca di Riva, an ancient medieval fortress that made us feel like we were in an old castle with a moat and a drawbridge. Inside, we visited a fascinating exhibition on Michelangelo’s drawings and the Sistine Chapel, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. We also visited the archaeological section with numerous artifacts from the area. The museum is open every day except Monday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Near the museum, we found the Apponale Tower, an ancient watchtower built for the defense of the port of Riva and its historic center. The internal staircase with its 165 steps led us to the top, and the effort made to reach the summit was greatly rewarded by the spectacular view of the lake and the city rooftops. We highly recommend a visit, especially since the entrance was free with the Garda Guest Card provided by the hotel.

We continued exploring the historic center, browsing through characteristic shops and boutiques, and stopping at a pastry shop for a break with a local coffee and a sweet treat.

For lunch, we opted to eat a truly local dish: carne salada with a side of beans. This dish, typical of the Riva tradition, consists of beef that is salted and flavored for preservation, and it is served either raw, as carpaccio, or grilled with boiled beans as an accompaniment. A dish that may seem very simple at first glance but is actually delicious. I think we’ll carry the memory of this gastronomic experience with us.

In the afternoon, given the persistent bad weather conditions, we decided to go to a spa. Riva del Garda offers several options in this regard, and we chose to spend time at Garda Therme di Linfano, which is located a short distance from the Hotel Ambassador, about 2 km away, reachable both on foot or with the hotel’s bicycles. We chose to go there because it offers various types of saunas and a Turkish bath, and the relaxation pool with a whirlpool is truly amazing!

At Garda Therme, access to the spa area also includes the use of the pool. It’s worth noting, following the Nordic tradition, that in the sauna area, wearing swimwear is not allowed. However, don’t worry, one or two towels are sufficient.

The day passed quickly, and all in all, we managed to organize a nice itinerary thanks to the helpful advice we received from the friendly reception staff.