Today we set off from the Ambassador to explore the cycle paths of Garda Trentino that connect Riva, Torbole and Arco. The reception staff was right, it really is a bike path for everyone,  from children to grandparents; it runs on flat terrain, the road is quite wide and even, suitable for all types of bicycles, and you can enjoy different views, the lake, the mountains and the river. We borrowed one of the bicycles provided free of charge by the Ambassador Suite Hotel and set off towards Porto San Niccolò (200 m), where the cycle path along the lake begins up to Torbole and from where you can enjoy fantastic views of all kinds of water activities. Passing along the beach and passing the Segnana Sailing Center, we arrive at the mouth of the Sarca River; Crossing the pedestrian and cyclist bridge, we reach Torbole, but we decide to follow the river to the north.

The cycle path runs along the river, which exposes open sections, islands and small waterfalls/cliffs, the landscape changes from greenery to hydroelectric power plants, from trout farming to the rural environment, about 5 km in total. Once in Arco, we will continue to the bridge, where we will find access to the old town via Via Segantini. If, instead, we continued on the cycle path, we could reach the climbing stadium, where the World Free Climbing Championship takes place, and continue all the way to Dro.

However, we decide to walk along Via Segantini, which offers many shops (many for clothing and sports equipment) and arrives in the central square, where we can admire the architectural reality and the numerous frescoes on the historic buildings; Here an arrow points to the castle, and we can’t resist. We plug in our bikes and go up the stairs and the path that leads us to the top and discover what is left of the ancient fortress, here the view shines on the breathtaking view, the land on the lake with the dominating Brione … It’s  breathtaking.

After a refreshing break and a picnic in the meadow in front of the castle, we will return to the center of Arco, along the path through the olive groves that leads to the bridge where our Arco sightseeing tour began. We pick up our bikes again and go back to Riva, this time on the other side of the “Busa”, towards Varone to reach the Casata del Varone. The cave and waterfall are located in a private park, as is the botanical garden. They are a spectacle, the cave in the lower part is really very impressive, the waterfall seen from above is deafening and imposing and quite humid (I recommend a windproof jacket with a hood). It is accessible to everyone, adults and children, we even saw many strollers that managed to reach the top despite the steps and many dogs on a leash.

For the return, you can either opt for a path through the old town and then along the beach bike path or ride directly on the bike path, the Varone with the Blue Garden shopping center, 200m from the Ambassador Suite Hotel. We of course, tired and hot, chose the second option, just to take a refreshing dip in the pool.